Frequently Asked Questions

What can the PICKETT FINANCIAL strategies do for me?

They will provide you with:

  • More safety of your money.
  • Access to your money when you need it.
  • Less non-preferred debt such as cars, and credit cards.
  • Better and safer leverage of your money.
  • Reduced taxes.
  • More income at retirement that you can never outlive.
  • More benefits for you and your family.
  • Peace of Mind.

If these strategies work, why don’t most Financial Advisors use them?

Most financial advisors are not aware of these strategies or products. They tend to follow conventional investment tactics that have proven to have disastrous consequences. Most advisors chase rate of return, paying scant attention to risk, taxes and liquidity. Investors who follow our strategies for safe and proven investments NEVER lose money in their investments. Every strategy presented to our clients can be proven with mathematical certainty.

To achieve a good rate of return, must I take additional risk?

No. It’s unfortunate that so many advisors, who get paid whether they make you money or not, make that claim to their clients. Millions of Americans lost trillions in 401k plans, stock portfolios and home equity because they took unwise risks. Had they followed our strategies, their money and their home equity would have been protected. If you are already retired, we can offer you strategies that will give you more income with more benefits, such as long-term care and tax-free life insurance, with no additional out-of-pocket costs.

Leveraging your money is all about achieving higher returns and more benefits at no extra expense.

Should I continue to put the maximum in my 401K plan?

Not necessarily. Many people are putting as much as possible into their 401k and other retirement savings plans (such as IRAs and 403b’s). But these plans only defer the tax liability to a later date. However, if your company matches your contribution to a certain level, by all means take advantage of it. It’s free money. Bear in mind, though, that all money in the 401k plan will be subject to taxes, most likely at a tax rate higher than exists today.

Here are the reasons why a 401k plan is not an ideal investment strategy:

  1. You can’t manage your risk against losses.
  2. The money is not easily accessible without paying penalties and taxes.
  3. Taxes are deferred to a later date when tax rates will likely be higher.
  4. The money does not pass tax-free to heirs.
  5. The government, not you, controls such decisions as to when the money has to be taken out and how much tax you’ll pay once you start withdrawing funds at retirement.

What will it cost me to meet with Jeff?

Nothing. He is pleased to share his knowledge and recommendations without charge.

I’ve heard that Life Insurance is not a good investment. Is that true?

No. Properly structured life insurance contracts that are maximum-funded can be the best retirement vehicles for providing liquidity, safety, and tax-favored rates of return. Because of the tax-free accessibility of cash values that can be used for retirement income, these types of insurance contracts can easily outperform alternatives like IRAs, 401k’s, CDs and mutual funds.

Will I be pressured into making any decisions?

Not at all. We want our clients and potential clients to give careful consideration to their financial strategies.

Why should I use Pickett Financial?

President and founder Jeffrey A. Pickett has devoted his professional life to retirement planning, estate planning and tax planning. His clients will attest to his knowledge, 25 years of experience, and integrity. He takes pride in guiding clients through an educational process that teaches them strategies to accomplish their goals — and enables them to sleep with peace of mind.