What Our Clients Have To Say…

Finding the best investment plan for our retirement savings has been a tremendous challenge and responsibility. We have truly been blessed to trust Jeff’s expertise in working with us to secure our future financial goals. Settling on a great plan and the right products has been a real relief for us. We appreciate Jeff’s ongoing communication with us and are thankful for his care and friendship over many years.

Keith & Nancy

I am a widow and knowing that I can completely trust my Financial Advisor certainly provides me with a tremendous amount of security. I have been a client of Jeff’s for 24 years now and the income and safety he has provided to me over the years has been fantastic. Even though things have been very difficult for many people, my investments and income have not been affected at all thanks to Jeff. He is certainly a man of integrity.


Jeff has taught us strategies and showed us products that we never even knew existed. We always handled our mortgage and investments in traditional ways but now that we have implemented Jeff’s strategies we are definitely on track to building wealth in a more secure manner. He has taught us that we don’t have to take unnecessary risk to achieve high rates of returns and build wealth.

Jerry & Lauren

We have been a client of Jeff’s for 20 years. He has taught us strategies where we have participated in the upside of the stock market during the good years without any downside risk to our principal when the market goes down. Therefore, we were not negatively affected during this recent downturn. As retirees, we feel very safe and secure with Jeff’s conservative strategies.

Jim & Marge

The best decision we ever made was turning over all of our investments to Jeff. He has been our advisor for 23 years now and we have enjoyed the “Peace of Mind” knowing our money is safe. He is not only our Financial Advisor but Jeff has become a very close personal friend. We trust him completely!

Dick & Mary

When my husband became very ill 2 years ago, Jeff was the first person he wanted to speak with.  He sat Jeff down and asked him to make sure I was taken care of if anything happened to him.  I can tell you from the bottom of my heart that Jeff has done a wonderful job in providing me with the security I needed.  Not only has Jeff exceeded my expectations in meeting my needs, now Jeff is teaching me ways to leave a nice inheritance to my children.  I have been a client of Jeff’s for over 20 years and am extremely satisfied.


Jeff Pickett came to us highly recommended. From our initial discussions he asked a lot of questions about our goals. He listened and then he planned accordingly. Now, with a dynamic, secure financial plan in place, we feel extremely secure about our retirement future. Thank you Jeff!

Darryl & Bonnie

After many years of searching, we have finally found what we have been looking for in a financial adviser. Jeff took the time to get to know us and really listened to what is important to us. He helped us implement strategies that we are comfortable with and at the same time excited about. We now have a great plan for our financial future – what a huge gift!

Dana & Darla

Jeff offered me a financial plan 2 years ago that has been the best thing that could have happened for my wife and I – a true Godsend. We finally have some stability with our finances and we no longer worry about the volatility of the stock market. But even more important is the trust we have developed in Jeff. We have come to believe that Jeff truly is concerned about his clients and their financial well-being. This has made it very easy for me to recommend Jeff to my family and friends. Thanks Jeff for becoming a good friend.

Russ & Betty

Jeff Pickett is the kind of person we were looking for to help us with our financial plan. He listens. He cares. He is honest. He is thorough  and knowledgeable. Jeff began as our financial counselor, but he has become our trusted friend.

David & Georgia

What a blessing to us when we started working with Jeff Pickett of Pickett Financial. His innovative methods of improving our financial picture was truly refreshing. Our complete trust in Jeff can only be surpassed by the results of his advice. Our daily routine no longer includes worrying about what Wall Street is doing. Our motto for Jeff is ” With Pickett comes Peace of Mind”.

Rod & Verna